Welcome to the Kissmetrics Developer Documentation. Here you will find all of the technical documentation necessary for integrating data with Kissmetrics - as well as getting data out of Kissmetrics. You will find information here about the Kissmetrics data model, our various tracking APIs as well as our Query API - the main channel for getting data out of Kissmetrics.

Getting Data into Kissmetrics

  • If you are a brand new Kissmetrics user, you will likely be most interested in sending data from your product to Kissmetrics. The most common way of doing this is via our Javascript tracking library. Please review the Javascript Library section below to become comfortable with how we track data. In this section, you will also find specifications for sending data via server-side integrations as well.

We also recommend you review the details of the Kissmetrics data model. This will definitely help you understand how to best implement your data tracking to derive the most value from the Kissmetrics platform.

Pulling Data from Kissmetrics

You can programmatically access any data sent and stored in your Kissmetrics account via our REST API. This is a very powerful API that allows you to query your data in many different ways. Please review our REST API documentation to understand all the ways you can access your data via API.

With that said, we hope you find this documentation helpful and we look forward to working with you!