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Appcues is an application for converting and retaining customers.

With Appcues AND Kissmetrics, you can see how users engage with your Appcues interfaces. Kissmetrics reports will help you answer:

  • How well do customers understand my product?
  • Which in-app notifications are most effective?
  • How does onboarding affect my conversion rate?
  • Where and why are customers getting confused?


  1. After loading your Appcues embedded script, simply run Appcues.initKM() to activate the Kissmetrics integration.
  2. Read the Appcues Documentation for advanced options.
  3. Watch Appcues data appear in Kissmetrics Live tab and other reports.


Frequency of Import

Appcues data is immediately sent to Kissmetrics whenever users are shown and interact with an Appcues flow.

Updated 11 months ago


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