What Can Be Exported To CSV?

Some of our report data can be exported to CSV files. We email you a link to download the generated file. Here is a quick reference for which of our reports support exporting.

Kissmetrics ReportSupports Exporting to CSV?
Metrics - DashboardNo
Metric Detail - Comparison Over TimeYes
Metric Detail - HistogramYes
Metric Detail - Breakdown by PropertyYes
Populations - People TabYes
Funnel Report - By PropertyYes: “CSV” link at bottom left corner of report
Cohort ReportYes: “CSV” link at bottom left corner of report
Activity report - by PropertyYes
People SearchYes: “Export Data” button at bottom left corner of report
Individual Person DetailsNo
List of all eventsYes, in the right sidebar
List of all propertiesYes, in the right sidebar