Ringostat Integration

Ringostat is a call tracking service that provides clients with trackable phone numbers, virtual cloud-based PBX, intelligent callback widget and call analytics data.

Imagine this scenario:

You run several PPC campaigns and assign a unique phone number to each user session, meaning every visitor on your website sees a different phone number. Each number forwards to your sales team.

With Ringostat, you can find out:

  • Which phone conversation came from which ad, which traffic source, and which keyword?
  • Who on your team picked up the phone and what was the conversation?

With Ringostat AND Kissmetrics you can bring together phones calls, web and mobile activity, email opens etc and see how paid advertising, organic searches and referrals perform. Updated Kissmetrics reports will answer:

  • How your callers interact with your website before and after the call.
  • If deals aren’t closed over the phone, does the person eventually buy through your website, without contacting your sales team?
  • How much lifetime value comes from people who called at some point vs. those who have never called?


  1. Enter your Ringostat account and choose Kissmetrics from the integration menu.
  2. Copy the line of code on the Kissmetrics integration page; paste it before Ringostat snippet and after Kissmetrics snippet on your website.
  3. Save the changes and receive more powerful Kissmetrics reports.

Integration details

Event NamePropertiesIdentity
Phone callCaller ID: phone number of a callerPhone number (e.g. +18554222555)
Disposition: can be answered, no answer, proper, busy, repeated, failed.
Customer ID: phone number of a caller
Wait time: the time a person was waiting in the line, before somebody answered the phone
Recording: a URL that links to the recording of the phone conversation
Duration: duration of the call in seconds

Frequency of Import

Once the phone call is logged in Ringostat analytics system, all the data is immediately sent to Kissmetrics.

Example of a call appearing in Kissmetrics Live

+1380445860700 did an event: Phone call. It has the following properties:

Aliasing Phone Numbers to Anonymous IDs

When a person visits a webpage with the Kissmetrics tracking code block installed, Kissmetrics automatically sets a unique anonymous ID to the person (e.g. еaBWFYwcDGJZlQV1DLVFtg2I36s8=) as a value for the property, Customer ID. When that person calls, Ringostat will set the caller’s phone number (e.g. +1380445860700) as another value for the property, Customer ID, and Kissmetrics will alias the phone number to the anonymous ID. This is how Kissmetrics knows that the phone call was tied to that website visitor and all of that visitor’s actions.