UltraCart provides an integration option with Kissmetrics. Please refer to the administrative panel for where to insert your Kissmetrics API key.

What’s Included

Doing so will place our JavaScript library on the checkout pages. Additionally, UltraCart has set up to pass these events without any further setup on your end:

_kmq.push(['record', 'Added Item to Cart': {'Product': THE_PRODUCT_CODE  }]);
_kmq.push(['record', 'Completed Purchase', {'Purchase Amount' : REVENUE_AMOUNT }]);

What To Do

However, because users are going from your website/domain to UltraCart’s domain secure.ultracart.com, we have to make sure that we recognize it’s the same person going through the entire checkout funnel, from beginning to end. You can refer to our article on using the JavaScript library on more than one domain for more details.


Here’s an example of JavaScript you would add to modify your Add to Cart buttons:

<script type="text/javascript">
// This block would go below the main JavaScript code we provide in kissmetrics.io/settings
  { document.getElementById("frm1").action = 'http://secure.ultracart.com/cgi-bin/UCEditor?MerchantID=foo&kmi=' + encodeURIComponent(KM.i());
  } );

This looks for the <form > element with id="frm1 and updates its action when someone submits.

Please refer to your own UltraCart setup; you may have set up the Add to Cart forms differently.
Additionally, please update the MerchantID parameter to use your own UltraCart merchant ID.