Using merge tags in the HTML editor


When using the HTML email editor in Campaigns, you can insert merge tags into your email to pull in Kissmetrics property data for your recipient.

<span data-merge-field-property="my property">will be replaced</span>
<span data-merge-field-property="First Name">will be replaced</span>

We will pull in the current value for the property ‘First Name’. If a recipient does not have that property set, we will not do anything.

‘My Property’ should be replaced with the Unique Identifier for the property you want to use. We will pull in the current value of that property for the recipient of the email.

Default Value

You can choose to insert a ‘default value’ if your recipient does not have the property set. This will show up in place of the current property value if the recipient does not have that property.

<span data-merge-field-property="my property" data-merge-field-default="default value">will be replaced</span>
<span data-merge-field-property="First Name" data-merge-field-default="there">will be replaced</span>

‘there’ will show up instead of First Name if the user does not have a value for that property.



This cannot be used for dynamic URLs or for inserting content into URLs inside of your emails.