Form Fields We Do Not Track


Our JavaScript can capture form fields as properties, but there are some we do not track:

  • Passwords
  • Textarea fields
  • Sensitive fields

We determine this by looking at the name attributes of each <input>. After ignoring certain connecting symbols like _, \, and - (for example, user[name] is converted to user_name and then finally username), we use this regular expression to figure out which fields are ignored:


Full Set of Rules

We will track any form input with class km_include.

We will not track a form field…

  1. with a class km_ignore
  2. that isn’t an <input> or a <select>; (like a <textarea>)
  3. if it’s an <input> with a type that isn’t text, radio, or checkbox (like “password”)
  4. if it doesn’t have an HTML name attribute
  5. if its field name indicates it may contain sensitive information (using the regex above)
  6. if it’s an <input> that is an unchecked radio button or checkbox