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Events - Visits the URL (with a Regular Expression)

Create the Event

To track that people have viewed a certain page, you can write a regular expression to match against the URLs you are interested in. Every part of the URL is accessible to you to match against:

  • Protocol (http://)
  • Domain (
  • Path (/path/to/page)
  • Query string (?referral_code=XIO800)
  • Optional anchors (#heading-1).

Because regexes can be very touchy, remember to keep your rule as inclusive or exclusive as necessary.

If a string match is found, the JavaScript Library will trigger your event. Otherwise, it will not.


To quickly test your URL pattern without creating an event, you can open up your browser’s JavaScript console and run KM.urm(pattern), where pattern is your regex pattern:

> KM.urm("example\.com\/(index(.html)?)?$");

Due to the complexity of using regular expressions, using regex for events falls outside the scope of our support service. We’ll happily do the best we can to provide the tools you need to test the events on your own. Rubular and RegexOne are amazing resources to test and learn more about regex.

Technical Notes

Under the hood, we take your pattern as a string and create a RegExp object:

var pattern = "example\.com\/(index(.html)?)?$";
if ( window.location.href.match(new RegExp( pattern )) ) {
  // trigger the KM event

At this time, you are unable to reuse the match groups in the event names, or property names/values. Please leave us feedback if you are interested in doing so.

Updated 11 months ago

Events - Visits the URL (with a Regular Expression)

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