Facebook Ads

Connect Kissmetrics to your Facebook Ads account to create even more targeted Facebook campaigns.

Who is this integration for?

This Connection is for anybody with a Facebook Ads account looking to automate Facebook Ads audiences. You MUST use emails to identify your customers/users in Kissmetrics (e.g. Customer ID/Identity: [email protected]). Facebook cannot create audiences without emails.

What does the integration do?

The Facebook Ads Connections allows you to push people from your Kissmetrics Populations to a Facebook Audience. This is a direct and dynamic Connection to Facebook that allows you to automate several of your Ad Campaigns without the hassle of importing and exporting.

Once you've set up a Connection you can easily turn it on and off. If you do turn it on, the Connection will actively update people who enter and exit a Kissmetrics Population in the Facebook Audience.

How do I set it up?

Select any Kissmetrics Population you would like to connect to your Facebook Ads account.

Select the Connections tab and then use the Authorize button to log in to your Facebook Ads account.


When you return to your Kissmetrics account, you can choose to connect that specific Population to a new or existing Audience on Facebook.


Once turned on, you won't have to update the Connection anymore. We'll take care of the rest. You can easily hop into your Facebook Ads Account to view Populations that have been pushed over. We'll continue to update the audience with people who have entered and exited the Kissmetrics Population.

What Populations should I send to Facebook?

Obviously, there are many different opportunities to advertise on Facebook - and many different ways to use specific Populations to drive those campaigns. As a starting point, here are a few ideas that our customers are using with great success:

E-commerce Populations

  • Big Spenders: Create Lookalike Audiences from your big-spenders and target people that are most likely to become...well, big spenders in your e-commerce shop.
  • Window Shoppers: Retarget those people who have been poking around your shop a lot, but have yet to purchase.
  • Abandon Carts: Again...drive more conversions by retargeting those who have added to cart, but not actually purchased.
  • Lost Customers: Customers who have purchased from you in the past, but haven't done so in a while can get targeted with offers, discounts, etc

SaaS Populations

  • New Signups: Target new signups that need a push to become active.
  • Existing Users - New Features: Drive adoption of new features by promoting them to existing customers.
  • Most Active: Create Lookalike Audiences from your most active customers to generate more "good" customers at the top of your funnel.
  • Least Active: Try to bump engagement by targeting your least active customers.